About Us

We, at Supertec Maxillofacial Imaging Centre in an attempt to keep the dental fraternity in the satellite city of Navi Mumbai abreast with the latest in 3D axillofacial imaging, are pleased to announce the availability of Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) in Kharghar.

Our centre boasts about the J Morita Veraview 3D R100 CBCT machine which is best in industry and is bestowed with highest image resolution, accuracy & least radiation exposure to the patient.

We will be happy to serve you with 3D Implant imaging, dedicated 3D imaging in endodontics and impacted teeth, Orthopantomograph (OPG), Lateral Cephalograpms, Skull radiographs and an array of other radiographic views.

The primary intention to start this endeavour was to fill the void and need to explore the third dimension of the complex maxillofacial anatomy. Along with this we assure you to give the best services at pocket friendly prices to the patient.

Your satisfaction and benefit of the patient is our prime motto. We would be pleased to work with you.