Month: February 2018

Case: Restricted Mouth Opening due to Distinct Subcondylar Fracture Line

CASE: Restricted mouth opening due to distinct subcondylar fracture line

A young male patient with a history of the vehicular accident reported with restricted mouth opening and clinically evident edema of the left side of the face.

Orthopantomograph was taken to show no significant finding on the left condyle and coronoid region.

A CBCT scan was advised for the same, below are the images of the same:

3D Reformatted Image

3D Reformatted Image


Sagittal Sections

Sagittal Sections


Coronal Images

Coronal Images

Curved MPR Sections

Curved MPR Sections

CBCT Scan revealed a distinct subcondylar fracture line and also multiple fractures at the medial pole of the head of the condyle.

Case: Mild pain & Discomfort on left side of Lower Jaw

CASE: Mild pain & Discomfort on left side of Lower Jaw

Recently a middle-aged male reported with mild pain and discomfort on the left side inferior to the lower jaw. On palpation a mass was palpable.

Orthopantomogram was advised which revealed a dense calcification close to the inferior border of the left mandible.

A differential of

  1. Exostosis
  2. Calcification of lymph node
  3. Calculi in the submandibular lymph node were arrived at and for further investigation, CBCT was advised.

After doing the CBCT scan, the scan revealed a dense mass on the medial aspect of the body of left mandible, not in contact with the lingual cortical plate. Below are the results of CBCT scan


Considering the location density and shape of the calcification a diagnosis of salivary gland calcification was arrived at.

Case: Osseous defect on the Labial Aspect

CASE: Osseous Defect on the Labial Aspect

This case was about the Osseous defect on the labial aspect in the edentulous anterior maxilla in 21 regions, probably surgical / healing pathologic defect. Bone dimensions in the proposed site for the implant-supported prosthesis.

Below are the images of scan which helped to detect the same:


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